Highvibe Network is in an ecosystem that leverages powerful intersecting technologies to create an economy which uplifts its users and is built for autonomous growth. The aim is to gradually develop a hybrid DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), where token holders cast votes on issues such as feature additions, economic models, priorities of projects.

A Hybrid DAO is an organizational model that brings together the effectiveness of a council (aka board of directors) as well as the ability for the entire group to have a vote on larger decisions. Similar to a DAO this owned share/stake can be represented as a “share’’, “token” or “coin”, the ownership of which can be recorded in the blockchain.

Bringing together the efficiency of a traditional company that has the ability to open bank accounts and legally trade. The leadership (aka board of directors) can also help usher the community while enabling the effectiveness of decentralized governance and voting models (which can still benefit from the wisdom of the crowd).

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