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We're a creator-focused content studio empowering digital creators to focus on what they do best, leaving all the messy stuff to us.

Our creators lead, and meme the conversation around investing, business, cannabis and more.

We help fast growing unicorn brands including Robinhood, Ledger, Masterworks and O'shaughnessy Asset Management (just to name a few) to reach new audiences and grow their business.

Are you a brand looking to work with digital creators and influencers? Welcome to Bullish!

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We develop custom partnerships focused on reaching highly influential investor audiences across all platforms. by collaborating with established thought leaders—ones with massive, cult-like audiences?

Our team leads partnerships between influential creators including Ramp Capital, [Litquidity](https://www.notion.so/Litquidity-0db2368ca5b948df8e9321e81f1adb25), Wall Street Confessions, Dr. Parik Patel, BA, CFA, ACCA, Esq., just to name a few.

We bring a long-awaited fresh voice to finance media and marketing.

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Dr. Parik Patel, BA, CFA, ACCA, Esq.

Ramp Capital

Depths of Wikipedia

Tejas Hullur

Dumb Money

Howard Lindzon

Jack Neel

Wall Street Confessions

[Serena Shahidi](https://www.notion.so/Serena-Shahidi-a6cb262606804501b8ef802356f9f6ba)

Kayla Kilbride

Pro, The Dogecoin Millionaire

[**Lisa Carmen Wang**](https://www.notion.so/Lisa-Carmen-Wang-efd157bfbdb84c8f918235312826504d)

Alpha Investors

Stock Market News

<aside> 💡 Interested in learning more? Shoot our team an email!