College essays give the student the opportunity to stand out from the rest. It communicates to the college why the student is a better fit for the college in question same as an Essay Writing Service. Every successful essay has gone through the process of brainstorming, writing, and reviewing. Many online essay writing teams help many students in this process and has contributed to many successful essays.

The task of crafting the essay that comes prior should include these four parts:

Unique Content, Structure, and Style


All the brainstorming and starting your essay early would allow you to have come up with a narrower list of things you want to include in the essay and the things you want the reader to understand. The essay doesn’t have to be filled to the brim with various contents and ideas. What you put into the essay should serve its purpose. The essay will come out attractive and power-packed if the content is unique.

The uniqueness of content means that you are able to convey a message about yourself through an unlikely mean, object, or an example.


The structure of the essay is much like a setting for the story. It is the way in which you link up the various events or points of your story in the essay.

The structure can be a chronological structure that goes is linked with the progression of time. It can also be spatially or comparatively themed, as well as being themed according to a problem-solution pattern.


Whichever structure you follow to try to make it unique. Let the theme connect your unique content in new ways.

If it’s a chronological pattern then you can play with time, involving flashbacks and flashforwards such as an Write My Essay. In a spatial themed structure, you can go about explaining the simplest of things such as the arrangement of things or your content on your working desk. There are many possibilities to present your content in a unique and unforgettable structure.


The style of your writing is just as important as your content and structure. Think of it as the tour guide for your essay, where your style decides how much time and attention each stop or attraction gets.

A style becomes fast-paced and in snippets, if you want to evoke a feeling of bustle and rush. It can also become a categorical description of things, or a narration in lines of  ‘show don’t tell’.

The Parallels

A college essay shouldn’t tell a shallow and direct account of your life. To produce a depth to the topic the readers should be told a story through parallelism. This interests the reader with the creative imagery and style while also revealing the character of a person.

An event and a story should mirror the problems you faced, the feelings it evoked, the struggle you went through, and the final respite that you got.