To use Cron calendar, you "Sign in with Google." Cron never sees your Google password. We carefully chose the scope of requested access to the minimum. All following permissions are required for you to work with your calendar and contacts:


Checking all boxes is only necessary during the first login. The permissions are only used to access data on your behalf. No data is read, edited, or deleted without your interaction. Cron is verified by Google and does not access any user data categorized as "restricted."

<aside> 💡 Troubleshoot: Can't see events/contacts because haven't granted all permissions

If you don't see the events and contacts you'd expect to see in Cron, you likely haven't checked all boxes during the first login. You can easily go back to this screen by clicking your avatar in Cron and then "Log out". Then, click on "Sign in with Google" again to grant all permissions.


<aside> 💡 Troubleshoot: "Authorization Error 400: admin_policy_enforced"

If you see this message when signing in with Google, expand the steps below to approve Cron for your Google Workspace (formerly "G Suite").


<aside> 💡 Troubleshoot: Error when signing in with Google "Something went wrong: Sorry, something went wrong there. Try again."

If you see this message when signing in with Google, copy the URL you saw just before the error ( and try opening it in a different browser. This is an error by Google and can often be resolved in that way.


Questions about permissions or getting started? We're excited to