Key Takeaways

  1. SwiftUI (the new UI framework based on declarative programming) made a lot of progress
  2. The future of Macs will have Apple Silicon (ARM-derived) processors, which means:
    1. Devices will probably be faster & more power efficient (longer battery life, possibly no fan)
    2. iOS & iPadOS apps will run natively on future Macs (including our own apps!) as is
  3. App Store Connect now has fully covered API (except in app purchases) for automation of releases
  4. Swift Packages can now finally replace third-party dependency managers (CocoaPods, Carthage)
  5. New body & hand-pose APIs might let us implement gesture-based interaction in future apps
  6. Face ID & Touch ID now usable to sign into websites (Javascript API) (I had a question: thread)
  7. iPadOS & macOS are getting closer (learning missing APIs from each other), Touch on MacBooks?
  8. Universal Links for "mirroring" website & app content, opens app if link shared & app installed

Recommended Sessions

These are sessions I watched and recommend for every developer to watch (with my notes):