View options let you decide what and how information shows up in issue views as well as project views, the Roadmap, and Inbox.

Enable view options

If view options are available, you'll see the view options icon in the top right next to the issue creation button.

To update your view only, customize the view and then navigate away from the options menu by clicking anywhere in the app. Your selections will persist even if you navigate away from the current view. A purple dot indicates that your personalized view has been applied.

To update your team's default view, press Save after customizing the view. This will apply the configuration to every single user in your workspace. Click Reset **anytime to revert to your team's default view. You'll know you're in the default view if the purple dot isn't there.

Available view options

View options differ slightly depending on the view you're in. They're on issue views as well as the roadmap, project views, and Inbox. If you'd like us to add a new configuration to a specific view, let us know via the Help & Feedback modal.

Board layout

If a board is available for your view, you'll see the option. Views that include issues from multiple teams such as My Issues as well as Backlog and Inbox are only viewable as a list. Learn more in Board layout.

Ordering and Grouping

In most list views, you can order issues by priority, last updated or created as well as manually order them using drag&drop. Board views support manual ordering only. Some views also let you group issues by status, assignee, project, priority or cycle.

Issue or project types

Show or hide sub-issues. Show or hide completed issues as well as empty groups or columns. On the roadmap and project views, you can show or hide completed projects as well as empty milestones.

Issue Properties

Choose what issue properties are displayed on the list or board. Display properties include Issue ID, Priority, Status, Labels, Project, Cycle, Created, Updated, Assignee, Estimate, Sentry link and Pull Requests. Issue properties are the only view options available for My Issues and the Inbox.

<aside> ✨ Customize your Inbox view View options are available in your Inbox, too. Choose to show or hide the Issue ID, Status, Labels, Project or Cycle on notifications and combine with Issue Peek to get the the context you need without having to leave the Inbox.