<aside> ⛲ We don’t have any immediate openings, but we still love connecting with talented and passionate individuals. We’re particularly interested in hearing from experienced product designers with 6+ years of work experience.


Manhattan Hydraulics is a down-to-earth product studio. We pride ourselves on being collaborative, technically skilled, and adaptive to change. Our transparent process and flexible toolkit allow us to work just like an in-house product team.

We work with clients to launch products of world-class quality and creativity, and we’re excited by transformative technology in personal computing, social equity and justice, decentralized systems, and sustainability. Our clients include Black Socialists in America, MTTR, Stripe, Etsy, Pinterest, Cocoon, Hudson Carbon, Zapata Computing, and many others.

Manhattan Hydraulics began as a three-person crew at Sanctuary Computer in December 2020. Today, we’re a team of five: Winnie Yoe, Sam Winfield, Sam Taylor, Simone Robert, and Tim Casasola. Former collaborators include Darin Buzon, Brendon Avalos, and Devin Halladay.

<aside> 🌱 Hydro is part of garden3d — a collective of studios and technology companies — working alongside the talented individuals at Sanctuary Computer, XXIX, and Index. Together, we’re reimagining how creative studios operate and building a space rooted in growth, trust, and care for each other. Read more on our Substack or our Medium.


What we’re looking for:


We ask that all potential employees offer a salary to us, using our skill tree — the same system that individuals in our company use to set their own wages through peer reviews. We do this to fight inherent bias and salary discrimination in the tech industry (and you know your own skills a lot better than we do)!