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📣 Calling all students! At Notion, we’re excited by the fact that young people are the next generation of toolmakers. Our Campus Leaders Program seeks to empower students across the world to connect, share, and build community through Notion. We welcome new Campus Leader cohorts on a semesterly basis. We appreciate your patience and passion.

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Next cohort: Fall 2023 | Application deadline: August 1, 2023

At this time, applications for the Spring 2023 cohort are closed. Applications have been reviewed, and applicants have been notified of their status. From January 10, 2023 on, applications received will be considered for our Fall 2023 cohort.

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A look into workshops, study sessions, and celebrations hosted by Campus Leaders for their campus communities (and a few of our internal sessions to connect CL’s with each other!)

Campus Leaders onboarding session

Campus Leaders onboarding session

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