Product strategy lessons and key learnings from each episode.

Spotify: A Product Story

Finding an opening in a world of music piracy

Episode 1: How do you steal from a pirate?

  1. Convenience trumps everything.
  2. Don't be afraid to break the rules.
  3. Great ambition is what attracts great talent.
  4. All truly great products have to pull of some sort of magic trick. (for early Spotify, it was speed).

Finding a business model for a (perceived) commodity

Episode 2: How do you charge for nothing?

  1. User research is great — for understanding what users think they will do, not what they will actually do.
  2. Whether you realise it or not, you're always optimising for something (at the expense of other things).
  3. Really great product development almost always combines technological innovation with business model innovation

Reinventing the business model for mobile

Episode 3: This party is going to end

  1. Never try to fight a macro wind — you will lose.
  2. Test big, or go home. But remember: Test as different as possible, not as much as possible.
  3. Look at the competition — and then do something completely different.
  4. It's better to be lower on a taller mountain that to be higher on a lower mountain. (Because you have more potential ahead of you)

Making Artificial Intelligence work