// These instructions are relatively low risk. Read instructions at least once and ping on the forums if you have any troubles / issues.

// Pledging funds into the MetaCartel DAO is the same as the process for Moloch DAO

Where to get WETH:

You can buy it off the exchange at uniswap.io

WETH Contract



DAO Contract



1. Once you have your $WETH, go to the WETH contract address on Etherscan.



2. Click on the contracts tab and go to the 'write' contract area — then click on connect to Web3 (meta mask)


3. Fine the approve function and fill it out accordingly to how much you are pledging.

'Approving' basically allows the DAO contract to access your WETH, nothing happens yet and you are still in control of your WETH til your membership proposal is submitted along with your pledged WETH. This is standard for every other ERC-20 token contract.

guy (address)


wad (unint256)

pledge amount (10 ETH minimum)

10 WETH = 10000000000000000000