What CONTENT do you need in YOUR BOX?

🎥 Social Media Content Videos

Basic Content Video

Box1 Example.mp4

Content Video + Captions

Box 2 Example.mp4

Holiday Template

2021_11_wk4 - SJensonG_F.mp4

2021_12_wk3 - SJensonG_F.mp4

Outro | Brokerage

Box 2 Example.mp4

Outro | Personal

Box 3 Example.mp4

YouTube | Facebook Format

Box 4 example 2.mp4

Box 4 Example.mp4

💻 Training & Assistance



We want to see you learn and grow! Every Content In A Box client receives access to a WORKSHOP once a month. During this virtual workshop, one of im3rd Media’s professionals will spend time teaching, training, and instructing on how to better utilize tools and develop your skills to enhance your recordings, your media content, and your overall networking skills.