Sharing the company

As mentioned in our Governance page, Polygloss is to be shared and owned by all of us. For the moment we use the Slicing the pie model to decide how we do what. In order to calculate our % once the project is profitable, we need to know two things:

These two things are tracked for the moment in the two sheets linked below. More details about why and how we do this like this can be found here:

Slicing the pie

Work weeks

Work weeks

This is where we count how much time we spend on Polygloss. It is a rough calculation based on the % of each working week (5 days), the numbers in there are added by each person of their colums, we don't check or verify.

Expenses invested


This is where we count how much everyone spends. Any of us in the team can pay for things that are useful for the Project, or you can ask if Etiene has a budget for something you need. (Example: premium html template, design tool subscription, ads, user research). When you invest something, that counts as an investment towards your % of ownership, so please let the rest of the team know on slack.

Current state of our organization on cash

There isn't a lot of expenses involved and not a lot of gains either. Etiene had been paying mostly everything out of her pocket so far and has a small personal bugdet for investing now that she is working again part-time (£200). There is a one-time award of £500 by Queen Mary University still to be spent on specific items (marketing and UX). There is another one-time award of £3000 by QMUL as well for the app launch.There are some generous single-time contributions to our ko-fi page totaling about £170 so far, which we have more freedom on how to spend. Our polygloss unlimited subscribers get us about £11 monthly after google play store takes its cut.

Etiene needs to organize this a lot better in one single Polygloss bank account to create more transparent reports, but this is waiting until she moves to Spain, redoes our VAT registration and gets a proper business address there. It is not worth doing any of this now as it would need to be redone once she moves.