App linking service requirements

New app users are in high demand of the onboarding process to be as smooth as some deep linking services (such as, but at the same time, no one wants to be tracked with the browser's fingerprint to keep the context embedded in the deep link.

It is important to mention that the tools for such a service must be open source.


We can make the onboarding process via links more secure and safe for the user. The onboarding process must not use any fingerprint tracking solutions (e.g.

To achieve it, we will provide links which should be followed once, in case the app is installed, and twice, in case the app is not yet downloaded. The first tap on such a link should lead the user to the App Store / Google Play to download the app, the second tap should bring the user to the app with the context predefined by the link.

In our case a single tap on the link cannot save the context for an app that has not yet been installed, since we do not save any information about the user via a fingerprint the first time they click on such a link. For this reason, the user currently has to follow the link again after installing the application.

Tools to implement

Backend tools

Frontend tools

Keep in mind that all these tools must be open sourced!