My take-homes from this super practical book:



  1. Forget about the goal (result), focus on the system (process). Winners and losers have the same goal.
  2. Decide who you wish to become and prove it to yourself with small, repeated wins. Act like the type of person you’re trying to be! E.g. “No thanks, I am not a smoker” instead of “No thanks, I am trying to quit”.
  3. It’s often not a lack of motivation but a lack of clarity ⇒ I will do [habit] at [when] in [location]
  4. It’s less about self control than about being the the architect of your environment. Surround yourself with the right culture, reduce friction.
  5. Automaticity : habits form based on frequency, not amount of time. Ask How many repetitions vs how fast!
  6. Rule = Never miss twice. The first mistake is not the one that kills it, it is the repeating one. Rebound quickly. Reaffirm your identity.
  7. Main threat is not failure but boredom.

An interesting summary by Justin Kan, here:


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