<aside> ‼️ We know this page is pretty out of date 😔 Our team has grown A LOT in the past 12months and it's been tricky to keep on top of. That's not to say the diversity of the team isn't important to us, we are working on a very exciting project as we speak to implement a new system.

We promise to update the data as soon as we can!


In July 2020 we surveyed the team... here are the results:

Where the total % does not add up to 100%, employees have chosen to select "prefer not to say"

Our team:

50% are Male

47.6% are Female or Non Binary

74.4% are White

23.9% identify with under represented groups

Black, Black British, African, Caribbean - 4.7%, Asian, Asian British 14%, or of Mixed Ethnicity 4.7%

11 different languages 🌍

7 different religions ⛪🕌🛕🕍

11 first generation graduates 👩🏻‍🎓👨🏾‍🎓👩🏿‍🎓

5 have childcare responsibilities 🍼

Although our stats aren't quite where we'd like them to be at the moment, creating a diverse working environment is a priority for us here at accuRx so we're actively working on improving these. It is really important to us that our team represents the diversity of the UK population (everyone's a patient) and the entire NHS.

We have set ourselves some targets to get us closer to where we would like to be. We recognise that we are a London based employer and so have agreed on %'s higher than the UK average.

The data we used to help us create the targets:

47% of UK workforce are Female