Once you've uploaded your inventory, you will be to see how many complete products and incomplete products you have on dashboard.

What is a complete product?

A complete product has the minimum requirements needed for PartsPal to publish the product on your sales channels. These requirements are


Product Mapper

PartsPal has a tool to help you add this missing information quickly and efficiently to your inventory. To access this tool, go to Uploads on the left sidebar, and click Data Mapper, then click Product mapper.


Note that only your incomplete products will be shown here.

From the product mapper, there are 3 actions you can take:

  1. Add your price
  2. Linking your product to a GAPC part by searching for the part number
  3. Adding an image (not necessary to complete a part)

PartsPal will automatically attempt to link your product to Global Auto Parts Catalog. If the product doesn't link automatically, this may be because:

In the first two cases, you will be able to manually search for catalog part in GAPC in the search box.

Once a product is complete, it disappears from the list immediately. To load more products (e.g. because you have mapped all the products displayed), click the refresh button on the top right of the screen.