<aside> 🌱 You're joining a vibrant community of hydroponic gardeners growing their own healthy fresh produce at home 😇

Here's what you can expect in the coming days, weeks, months & years...

  1. In the first 14 days, you'll be sprouting your seeds.

  2. In the next 28 days, you'll be watching your seedlings grow into full crops ready to be harvested from your Mini-Farm™! Share a picture in our Facebook Community or tag us on social media!

  3. Months after your first harvest, you'll forget what it was like paying $$$ for overpriced store lettuce.

  4. Your Mini-Farm™ can last 10+ years if you take care of it. It's a simple, reliable & affordable system that keeps on giving.

A big part of the Mini-Farm™ experience is joining our online community of fellow Mini-Farmers sharing pictures, asking questions & trading tips. We highly encourage you to join our Facebook Group and follow us on social media using the links below.

We're a friendly and helpful bunch of amateur and professional growers. We look forward to seeing your first harvest! 🤠

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Installation Guides

<aside> 🏗️ Our best-selling Grow Kit is The Original Mini-Farm™, but we also have an ever-expanding catalogue of other grow kits. Select your grow kit below to see the installation guide.

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Grow Kits Installation Guide

Plant Grow Guides

<aside> 🌻 Below are the grow guides for each crop. Our guides are continually being updated with learnings from our community & contributors. If you wish to be a contributor, please email us at support@mini-farm.co

Thank you to our amazing community and in-house plant experts for compiling together this resource. We hope you get amazing value from it. If there is anything missing or needs clarification, please post in our Facebook Group and we'll help answer! 😇

Happy Growing! 🤠


Grow Guides