Williamsburg, Brooklyn

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I ❤️  to help leaders work through tough brand + business challenges while bringing a little fun into it along the way.

When I’m not at my desk, I am most likely on a walk exploring the neighborhood, taking a joyride on the ferry, or gasping for air in pilates.

A Few Things About Me

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Things I’m learning

How to apply empathy in systems. As a born and raised people pleaser, I’ve spent a lot of my time anxiously hoping I’m making everyone happy. Now I’m challenging myself to build tangible tools and processes to apply to the projects I lead, so I can spend less time worrying and more time reassured that I’m giving each stakeholder and teammate what they need to thrive. Inspo: Leading Complex Projects by IDEO

Food as functional medicine. Sparked from our engagement with Kroma Wellness and some mystery food sensitivities, I’ve been digging more into nutrition from a deeper perspective than “eat rainbow food!”. Specifically exploring adaptogens at the moment, but still very fresh in this journey :)

Web 3.0. Absorbing content on where it’s headed, what’s possible now, and how brands are incorporating it. It certainly feels reminiscent of the neopets / habbo hotel / club penguin / hillary duff fan page era at the moment.

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