The mission of the BanklessDAO Legal Guild (the “Guild”) is to support the BanklessDAO and community with up-to-date summaries of legal developments in crypto and DAO governance, and assist in strategic outbound communications with the broader crypto community and regulatory and legislative bodies. While most Guild members are licensed attorneys, there is no requirement to be an attorney to participate in the Guild, and the Guild does not verify the licensing status of any of its members.  Anyone with an interest in crypto or DAO legal / regulatory topics is welcome to join.


Justice and Fairness

Trust in the code

Global approach and off-chain minimization

Policy on Provision of Legal Services

The Guild is not a law firm and does not provide legal advice or legal services to the Bankless DAO or any of its guilds, members, or projects, or to Bankless HQ. Any Guild member is free to enter into a contractual arrangement to provide legal services to any of the foregoing, but such member does so in his or her individual capacity and not as a Guild member. A Guild member has no obligation to share any of the remuneration from such an arrangement with the Guild.

The BanklessDAO Legal Guild does not represent BanklessDAO or any member of the DAO unless specifically retained pursuant to the retained practitioner’s jurisdictional rules. This means there is no attorney-client relationship established and legal privilege does not attach when communicating with the Legal Guild and its members. Additionally, BanklessDAO and the Legal Guild are not associated with the BanklessHQ media entity beyond utilizing the ‘Bankless’ brand.

Guild Community Guidelines