About Us!

Our Mission

<aside> đŸ’¥ We introduce Korea and share traditional and trendy Korean culture with the world.


<aside> đŸ’¡ What did K-Cargo do in the past?

Forbes and Time Magazine reported about the operations of K-Cargo Co., Ltd., and how the company contributed to the countries' economy. K-Cargo used to be called Seoulian Inc. and merged in 2019 into K-Cargo under the holding of K-Journey Co., Ltd.



K-Cargo Inc. is a ‘Korea-Entertainment’ focused company that is developing platforms to spread Korean culture across the globe. Some of our newly established departments currently search for interns and full-timers in all different sectors.*

→ The company is having new innovative solutions in the sectors of:

→ We offer many opportunities to grow (also for the inexperienced),

so if you are willing to fill any gaps with your talent, feel free to apply for one position!

Also, we highly appreciate applicants with prior experience in Korean Culture.