1️⃣ Tracking Job Opportunities

2️⃣ Tracking Stages within a Job Opportunity

<aside> 💡 Each time you complete a stage, the progress indicator in the Job Opportunity cards will reflect the progress you made.


3️⃣ Preparing for Interviews

4️⃣ Preparing Answers to Common Questions

<aside> 💡 As you finish preparing the answers to the most relevant questions in your job search, you can mark them as “prepared” using the Status field.

Keep your Notion doc open whenever you are on a video interview, and swiftly switch from one question to another to access your notes. This works even better if you already attach the questions to the Interview Card.


A few last words…

Please share this with whoever needs a better system for their job hunt. And please: customize this to your heart’s content!

Good luck with your job search!