The goal of this document is to overview our feedback processes and clearly define the steps included. Standardizing this will allow us to move through it efficiently, provide consistency across the team, and afford the ability to improve it over time.


Everyone at the company has a important role to play in this process. Each role is distinct, but requires full participation from the others in order to be successful.

Feedback Forms

There are two types of feedback we collect. The objective is to keep questions consistent so that the data can be evaluated over time.

Self Quarterly Review Survey

Manager Quarterly Review Survey

Review process

There are three types of review processes that are scheduled on a quarterly and semi annual basis. These require involvement of the leadership team and evaluation committee.

Quarterly Reviews

These happen during the first month of a new quarter.

Pulse check (Semi-annual)

These happen at the end of Q1 (April) and Q3 (October).

  1. Info gathering (1 week)
  2. Info comparing (1 week)
  3. Info sharing (1 week)

Deep dive (Semi-annual)

These happen at the end of Q2 (July) and Q4 (January).

  1. Info gathering (1 week)
  2. Info comparing (2 weeks)
  3. Info sharing (1 week)