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Our purpose

<aside> ⭐ Remove all friction from the developer experience to be always ready-to-code and making software engineering more collaborative, joyful, and secure.


The importance of developer experience & velocity

Let's take a step back and see why what we are solving for is important.

A recent McKinsey study found that developer experience & velocity strongly drive business performance. Developer velocity is defined as creating the right environment for devs to innovate while removing friction.

They found that best-in-class tools like efficient developer environments are the top contributors to developer velocity by enabling greater productivity, visibility and coordination. Hence, they strongly impact business performance.

However, today there is still a gap between the actual business impact from tools and the importance many executives assign them.

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Broken developer environments are hampering developer experience

Developers are automating the world: they brought everyone’s workflow to the cloud, they supercharge their own workflows, automate infrastructure, CI/CD pipelines and even create tools that write code itself. Modern software pipelines are fully automated, with one exception: development environments. They are still brittle, tied to local machines and require nerve-wracking set-up and maintenance efforts that distract developers from getting creative and productive.

<aside> 💡 The single task of setting up a developer environment could be as much as 10% of total dev time. On top of the setup, developers spend around 10h per week on dev environment management and waiting for tests and builds to complete. [1],[2]



Developer environments are the single biggest source of friction with a range of consequences:

Those issues create a huge productivity loss and financial drain. More complex projects with ever increasing workloads and remote work only exacerbate the situation.

Developers flow with Gitpod

<aside> 👨🏻‍💻 With Gitpod, devs can focus on what really matters: being creative and writing code. Spin up fresh, automated dev environments for each task, in the cloud, in seconds.


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