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Instructor: μ΅œμ„±μ²  ꡐ수

Office: κ³΅κ³ΌλŒ€ν•™2 #518

Office hours: 수 13:00-15:00

Email: sc82.choi@gachon.ac.kr

Lecture: 11:00-13:00, Mon / Wed

ZOOM: https://zoom.us/j/2333063849



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Quick Announcements

πŸ“œ Course Description

Computer modeling and simulation help engineers analyze and understand complex systems. Discrete event systems are used in modern management, industrial engineering, computer science and military fields. As computer speed and memory capacity increase, simulation tools become more powerful and widely used to solve real-life problems (extracted from book introductions)

We learn tools to simulate the real world by using various tools such as Python, Database, Unity, etc. The level of the course is difficult. Challenge yourself.

πŸ— Enrollment

Prerequisite(s): Python, statistics

πŸ“š Readings

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