No matter how organized we try to be, our agenda can somehow end up being spread across many different places.

Visualize your week's most important to-do's with a weekly agenda so that your top priorities don't fall in between the cracks.

Get started right away with the template when creating a page or keep scrolling to learn how to make one yourself!

Step 1: Add the days of the week

Let's start off by adding in the days of the week. To create a little visual distinction, we'll create the days of the week as sub-headers.

Just click the [+] button on a new line in the editor to add one in.

Step 2: Create columns to better visualize the week

To get a nice visual progression in our weekly agenda, let's create some columns. Click the (::) button alongside each of the days of the week and drag-and-drop like in the GIF below.

Rinse and repeat with the other days until you've got 5 columns. To conserve some space, we'll add the weekend underneath the Friday column.

Step 3: Add dividers for some polish

A little polish never hurts. Let's add in some dividers by clicking the [+] button underneath each day of the week and selecting 'Divider.'