Rainy days are best for building irrigation channels Rain softens the soil The farming hoe crawls along the current Guiding the water to cover the fields Nourishing, nurturing the land And the land nurtures us back This kind of tenderness will become the axis of mankind.


Hong Kong, 25. 06. 2020.

Florence Lam


Florence Lam, originally from Hong Kong, lives and works between Reykjavík, Iceland and Germany. Her practice is an exercise for herself to be hopeful in any situation she encounters, working towards mainly live art including performance, installation and poetry. She experiments with methods of magical thinking, anthropomorphism and wonder to elastify worldviews by treating all elements in her work as equal in the context of universal acceptance and respect. The aim is to explore the fertility and sterility of the mind manifested through the properties of the biological body and language as a hint to the evolution of human values and spiritual understanding.