Step 1: Identify the Year's Yay Moments

A whole year is hard to get through (especially this year).

But look at you! You did it! 🎉

You made progress this year, even if it doesn't always feel like it.

Think of all the projects finished. The problems solved. The laughs and smiles made.

Don't leave them behind, forgotten, in this calendar year.

Name them. Celebrate them. Let them give you confidence you can handle what next year brings. 🙌

Add your year's yay moments—no matter how big or small they feel—here:

Now, think: what can you do to lean into these existing wins further next year?

Step 2: Recognize the Rough Spots

Like we established before, making it through the year isn't easy. It's a given not everything went as planned.

And focusing on your wins doesn't mean you need to be in denial about your room for toxic positivity around here!

Recognizing any weak spots from the year can be freeing.

Not only can it feel restraining to continue pretending everything's fine, but not examining your failures or mistakes means you'll never learn from them.

So real quick, we're going to acknowledge them, what lessons there might have been in them, and then move on.

What didn't go well this year?