Week of Live Deals Published Live Deals Published to Date Deals closed Deals Cancelled
8/21/22 1 10 1 0
8/14/22 3 9 0 2
8/7/22 0 6 1 4
7/31/22 4 6 0 0
7/24/22 0 2 0 0

Zero Commission Secondaries

Secondary opportunities are the purchase of shares or LP interests from existing shareholders. I am searching for secondaries in a few of our highest demanded target companies. Secondaries often transact through brokers who charge commission. I believe there is a way to structure secondaries with zero commission, carry, and management fee. I am validating feasability of the various components to do so.

Open Startup

I have launched our Open Startup page and will continuously update it with more content

RFC: Monetization Strategy

I will publish the RFC (Request for Comment) on our monetization strategy this week (week of 8/22/22).

Membership (email list subscribers)

The email list is not back to growth but the loss rate seems to be slowing. Last week’s change where we now only send out live deal pages, commit forms, etc. over email (instead of Slack and email) seems to be showing progress.