Customer experience is one of the most valuable parts of a company. Being able to deliver a smooth experience and reaching certain expectations for different customers is what gives a company the reputation they deserve. Every day different platforms and software are being made so using all of them can be hard to keep track of data and information from customers. That’s why Iterable will make your customer engagements faster and more efficient!

Iterable Insight

With Iterable you can quickly visualize your campaigns and understand your marketing program at a glance with Iterable Insights. This allows you to customize your widget’s (Online Tool) looks and make it more comfortable to use when trying to gather information to track and share with your team. For of better understanding of this feature you can read their blog about how

Iterable Insight

creates a unique way for your team to gather data.

Artificial Intelligence

Ensure a soft landing for every message you send. Iterable AI interprets your customer’s interaction preferences to help you maximize campaign engagements. Steer clear of message fatigue and automatically deliver your messages to the channels they choose most. By doing this, you’ll be able to reach multiple customers without them waiting for a response.

Audience Segmentation

Filter and segment customers from any data type stored inside user profiles. Understand every customer’s unique characteristics and preferences by storing hundreds of demographic and custom event data fields. Using this feature will allow you to make an easier workflow for that customer based on info on the buyer so they see what they’re interested in more when they visit the page.

Drag-and-Drop Lifecycle Campaign Composition

With Iterable drag-and-drop Workflow Studio, you can create sophisticated lifecycle marketing programs using unlimited data points in real-time. Instead of trying to follow every bit of information and message, you can use this to simplify your work. Use this feature to update user-profiles and trigger cross channels to give your customer a unique customer experience. Being able to deliver to your customer right away with information or answers to their questions can create a great reputation for your company. You can also click on this


to see more examples.

Flexible Data Integration

Their platform architecture enables the rapid ingestion, activation, and expansion of your brand’s consumer data. Iterable flexible data models and webhooks retrieve information from any source at a virtually unlimited scale. Leverage all your subscriber’s demographic, behavioral, and event data in real-time to trigger personalized messaging and campaigns. Using this will help your company know more about their customers and retrieve info faster and more efficiently.