There are innumerable benefits of hiring a React Native app development company in this era of smartphones like reaching a wider range of potential customers to getting your app runs on both platforms; Android and iOS.

As a business if you are planning to get an app developed, then you must know that out of 100% smartphone users, nearly 75% users have Android and nearly 25% have iOS phones. It means you are all set to leave your competitors behind and set the stage for the super success of your business.

Although having told you some benefits of taking React Native app development services, we still find it necessary to let you know other benefits in a clear way for a better understanding. So, keep reading.

5 Convincing Reasons Why to Hire a React Native App Development Company:

1. Integrations with the third party

Highly famous for its third-party integrations, React Native app development provides useful plugins capable of adding a layer of functionality to your business mobile application. These third-party plugins leave no room for the need for Web View functions. It is possible for a developer to link these plugins to the native module and make improvements in creating seamless, faster, feature-powered mobile apps. Adopting React Native development makes it much easier for a developer to create robust cross-platform apps without any issue.

When building a complicated mobile application, the third-party integrations are the React Native app development tools that can cut the time to write tough coding blocks. Here, the developer is benefited by having these plugins to add functions in both platforms easily.

2. It is cost-effective and faster

Building an app for both platforms takes a tremendous amount of time. No company wants to lose their Android and iOS users. And one of the biggest advantages of React Native is that it makes it possible for the developers to craft an app much faster due to its code reusability feature. You don’t need to write codes for both different platforms, as a matter of fact, you can reuse the code for components in the other OS.

Furthermore, you can take services from a React Native app development company for a reduction in the development cost. It is an open-source framework, and you don’t need to pay a licence fee. React Native also provides simple migration, many third-party plugins and code reusability, which cuts the whole cost of your application development.

3. Rich user experience

One of the biggest reasons to choose a React Native application development company is the native capabilities of React  Native. A native one provides an excellent user experience but at a high price. But React Native is capable of integrating perfectly with the native apps, which means providing an unparalleled user experience on both platforms.

React Native gives its users a native-seeming feel whether they use iOS or Android platforms. Its beauty will never let users become devoid of interest.

4. Advantage of live reload