<aside> 👨🏻‍🏫 Below are some aids to understanding the meaning of the Bible as you study it with intent.


The first two documents: (one a paper by John Piper and the other a chapter from a book by Tom Schreiner) address Biblical exegesis with a graphical depiction of the argument in a discourse or other text.  Both are based upon Dan Fuller’s method from an unpublished document he used at Fuller Seminary many years ago.  Visit http://biblearc.com/ for a tool to perform this type of graphical depiction.  Not necessary but an option if you are into it.

Then there are a couple of cheat sheets that provide help with understanding and spotting the logical relationships between statements.

Then you will find a chapter from Robert Stein's great book on hermeneutics that covers the important topics of meaning, implications, and significance.

Finally, here is a link to a great message by John Piper followed by talk on education at BCS and what I call the learning model.

A Paper by John Piper:

BTBX Edited.pdf

From Interpreting the Pauline Epistles, by Tom Schreiner

Tracing the argument.pdf

The 18 Logical Relationships.pdf

English conjunctions(1).pdf

Bible Interpretation

This book was very helpful to me during seminary studies.


The PDF below is chapter to of the Stein book pictured above. I found this the most useful chapter of the book.

Stein Chapter 2.pdf

Start at 20:41 mark for talk on habits of mind and heart (learning model).