Mark: We're the people who are seeing things in the other way.

Yobie: frustrated at government. Say they have test. I'm doinng pop-up labs for NYC, they don't give a way for us.

Mark: Yobie and me found unDavos. Yobie saw the problem before the US government. I have a 25 year commitment to improve the world. Every 10 years there's an economic crisis. Virus and economy are deeply connnected. Now on Davos nobody mentioned the pandemic. No recession risk seen. If we lock 16 million people region it won't come without effect. This is really strange. People in Palo Alto happy to see many free places in restaurants.

Yobie: the reason i got into this, i have a project – retail product to do micro bio tests for pets. We're familiar with testing protocols. It became obvious after Wuhan. Understood we can do it for human. We have 50k and have capacity for 2M. Test kit is 2 parts: thing for home (use at throat) and lab analysis. Nose things are preferred (to scrape tissue), but is more difficult, especially for people at home. Can lead to nose bleeds especially for elder people. Can also show "no result".

Oliver: testing is good, but we have no cure. Real effective countermeasure would be isolation, no?

Yobie: the whole idea is to know when you have it. It's 10x more infectious than flu.

Oliver: true, have looked into article, why we must act now. The new cases came down 16 days, 300 per day.

Mark: won't take China as an example. They tracked since November. They were prepared. They closed effectively the country. US airport is full of people. There would be new stamps created.

Yobie: We provided 2M kits to Wuhan in January

Mark: Seattle saw minor mutations each 30 days. New mutations will come faster.

Olver: Had a look at the data, Wuhan was closed ~400 cases. Plato is 800 cases. Currently we have 600 cases in Germany. We'll take us to 1.2M confirmed cases in 2 weeks. If shutdown will happen tomorrow. Would you agree with the 1.2M number?

Mark: The number's i've been using... Saw this story of china family. For every 1 person tested, there're 2 untested. As soon I see a case – 2 more are there because of the family. Turkey has 2 people, want to protect tourism. US is the worst, UK same. If you don't test it looks fine. Numbers are huge!

Oliver: we'll see a breakdown then because of the lacking beds.

Mark M: swedish doctor posted this article His model is accurate so far, you can see the prediction.

Mark: it takes 5-6 days for symptoms to appear. Each person infect 2.5 (on average), but some spread more (as in airports). Typical cure time is 3 weeks. But you're infectious for another 2 weeks. They can go and spread more. Reinfectection happened inn Japan and other countries. Maybe it's possible we don't build immune system for that.

Yobie: on metal surfaces can take minutes to hours. Dies on copper faster for some reason. On paper ~3 hours. Plastic ~9 days. Swipe your toilet seats! Spread to anus and vagina as well. It teaches us to be careful about what you touch. If you touch a door – wash your hands. As often as possible, changes your interaction.

Mark M: anybody who started to have cough or flu – don't come to office. 3-6 deaths per day. Developed own corona test, tested positive, went public. In US we have 2 govs, close schools until end of April, maybe until June. On the state level many things happen despite federal. Not in martial law yet, but probably will happen soon.

Mark T: what will happen to economy. China closed but ...