<aside> ❓ stkATOM is the liquid staked representative of ATOM issued by pSTAKE on the Persistence Core-1 chain


⏎ī¸ Background

pSTAKE was early to liquid staking in Cosmos, with stkATOM(ERC-20) being the first implementation of a liquid-staked representative of ATOM. Back in 2021, pSTAKE decided to issue these tokens on the Ethereum chain due to:

  1. The absence of IBC
  2. No DEXs like Osmosis or Dexter to bootstrap liquidity for staked ATOM
  3. The lack of overall DeFi in the Cosmos Ecosystem

<aside> 📌 stkATOM(ERC-20) achieved $39M+ in TVU (Total Value Unlocked) with 6,406 ATOM stakers & $33M liquidity on the SushiSwap pool


pSTAKE will aim to surpass these numbers in Cosmos with deep stkATOM liquidity & utility in the Interchain.

⚛ī¸ Entering the Cosmos

<aside> 🚀 stkATOM launched on 12 January 2023 on the Persistence Mainnet & is on a mission to unlock liquidity & empower DeFi for staked $ATOM in the Interchain


🌐 pSTAKE ATOM Liquid Staking dApp


ℹī¸ About $stkATOM

đŸĢ‚ Built by Cosmonauts, for Cosmonauts

🛠ī¸ Interchain Liquid Staking for ATOM