Raycast lets you stay on top of your Asana workflow. You can create new tasks and manage your assigned ones with a few keystrokes.

Getting Started


Follow these steps to set up the extension

  1. Go to the Store and search for Asana

  2. Select and Install the Extension developed by Raycast

  3. After installing the Extension, open one of the Commands, and Sign in to Asana to allow access and begin using the Extension


Create Tasks

Use the Create Task command to quickly create and assign a new task.


<aside> 💡 Pro Tip: Use natural language to set a due date for the task. It supports just a date as well as a date and time.


Keyboard Shortcuts

My Tasks

The My Tasks command is a great way to check what's on your plate. It groups your tasks into familiar Asana sections and you can use the Action Panel to complete, mark and edit tasks.