A bank for your collectibles.

We tokenize physical collectibles (ie. sneakers, baseball cards, etc.) so they live on the Ethereum blockchain. The physical assets are stored in our vault and the NFTs are sent to the owner’s Ethereum wallet. They are now able to use the NFTs to interact with the world of decentralized finance (DeFi). This makes buying, selling, and owning collectibles easier, safer, faster, and cheaper.

How does it work?

  1. A user goes on the app and selects that they have a collectible (ie. sneakers / baseball cards) for pickup.
  2. Sentry arrives at the user's home and picks up the item (or they ship it to us).
  3. The item is transported back to the Sentry Vault.
  4. The item is authenticated, photographed and an NFT is minted.
  5. The NFT is transferred to the owner's crypto wallet.

The NFT acts as an "IOU" for the physical asset and owner can redeem it for the physical asset at anytime or be used to interact with other elements of the DeFi world.

Why are we building this?

We are looking to solve two problems: