At Campground, we’re adding the missing social layer to streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music so that meeting fans, discovering music, and streaming together works like it actually should. If you're interested in rethinking what it means to listen to and support your favorite artists, we'd love for you to come build with us.

We're backed by incredible investors, including Abstract Ventures, Long Journey Ventures, Sound Ventures, Uncommon Projects, and Sweet Capital.

Open roles

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Non-traditional tech backgrounds are encouraged. If you think you'd be a great fit but you're not sure if you meet all of the qualifications above, go for it 📬

What we value

Be intentional

How people feel is at the core of everything. Be thoughtful when writing, speaking, and creating.

Be effective

We're an early stage startup that needs to grow to survive. Clear communication and consistent output is key.

Chase fun

We should have fun building products, and people should have fun using them. If this stops being true, we've lost our way.

Optimize for experimentation

Be curious. Follow open questions and seek fast answers and iteration. Never be afraid to change what isn't working.



We pay competitively with early stage companies in SF and NY, no matter where you are.

Work from anywhere

We're distributed, and always will be. But we also have an office in Brooklyn, New York.

Build your best setup

You know how to make yourself most productive. Get a new computer and budget for equipping your home office with everything you need.