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To keep pace with your current and future growth, you’ll need to ensure hiring is ingrained in your workflow.

Hiring the right people is actually your most important job. The people you hire will form the foundation of your team, and may in turn hire others as growth continues. They’re also your greatest legacy. Some will outlast your tenure and carry on the work you started. Think carefully and invest your time accordingly.

If you’ve ever freelanced or run an agency, you know how critical it is to keep your project pipeline full. The same goes for hiring; if you wait until you have an open position to begin searching for talent, you’ve waited too long!

Think carefully about the needs of your team and the company as you consider candidates. You may be tempted to evaluate candidates based on their technical skills, and you may write them off if they’re missing one skill you think critical, even if they fit other requirements perfectly.

The primary reasons for letting an employee go rarely relate to a lack of technical prowess; rather it’s a shortcoming in soft skills. Missing technical skills can be remedied with coaching, but shortcomings in soft skills are much more difficult to correct.