These notes are unofficial summaries of the Inside a Blaseball streams. I try to keep things as accurate as possible, but answers may not be transcribed verbatim.

This was supposed to be a short one. Everyone’s recovering from GDC and Bria’s sick.

VoD can be found here:

Inside a Blaseball Episode #11 - Werewolf Mr. Darcy - March 30, 2022


EM - Elena Murphy (She/her) FK - Felix Kramer (They/them) BD - Bria Davis (She/her) SB - Stephen Bell (He/him) Q - Quinn/Mountain (They/them) M - Mel (He/him)

(Unattributed lines are either continuations of the prior answerer or group summary lines)

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Misc Notes

Mel has a collaborative drawing website called (cw: some 18+ material) that he streams development for sometimes.

In Closing

Discord is closing from 4 April to 4 May, there will not be an IAB for April, have a great weekend (It’s Wednesday (Have a great weekend!))

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