1. Immigration, including Work Visas

    The The 1491 Project has too many obvious drawbacks to be implemented in the extreme form presented there. I propose a more modest policy. Specifically, all entry from "the Old World" other than diplomatic missions, tourist visas, tourist visas endorsed for academic or business collaboration, and Professional Athlete employment visas are eliminated. Specific exemptions can be added where necessary.

  2. Climate Change

    We absolutely must deal with Climate Change immediately. It is an emergency.

    I'm not going to say I know the whole plan to deal with Climate Change. But I know the first step. We must immediately raise the gasoline tax by $1 per gallon, and the tax on aviation gasoline by $2 per gallon.

  3. Land Stewardship

  4. Drug Policy

    Our attitude towards drugs needs to change. "Illegal" drugs are stigmatized at small therapeutic dosages. Supplements are allowed to the extent that they don't have a substantive impact. Prescription drugs are subject to a system where what is permitted is forced to be equal to what the government pay for.

  5. Gun Control

  6. Minimum Wage

Commentary on Non-Platform Issues