👋🏼! We're Jake and Sheel. Welcome to our temporary website!

We've been starting fintech companies way before it was cool. Jake co-founded Nerdwallet, one of the original consumer Fintech companies, and Sheel has had 2 fintech exits (FeeFighters and Innovative Auctions). We've been investing together for several years, but this is our first institutional fund.

Prior to BTV, we invested in Albert, ChipperCash, Clearbanc, ClearCover, Ethic, Ethos Insurance, Drip Capital, Flexport, Hippo, Human Interest, Indio (exit), Ironclad, Kin, Lattice, Mercury, Nova Credit, Ramp, Skipify, Starship, Vouch, and others.

BTV is a $75m fund that leads rounds in pre-seed and seed-stage fintech companies globally. We take a pretty broad view on fintech, and many vertical SaaS and marketplace businesses fit in our purview too. Our initial ticket is usually between $500k and $1.5M as a lead or co-lead investor in a pre-seed or seed round. Many of our investments are pre-revenue, we invest in talented people to execute on their ideas, folks that have done significant customer development around those ideas.

We invest for a better future (hence the name); financial technology is a great way to improve people's lives. We are based in San Francisco but believe that there is talent and unmet needs everywhere so we don't constrain ourselves geographically.

We are founders ourselves and think that we can have the most impact at the seed stage. Seed is where founders need the most support, and we love being the first call! We are most helpful in hiring, thinking through distribution, building company culture, getting strategic partnerships, and raising your next round. We will be your biggest cheerleader but also promise to push you in the right places. We love this stuff and are obsessed with helping you win.

BTV Portfolio companies:

Brick (Indonesia) offers a simple API for financial data in Indonesia

Cadana (Ghana/Nigeria/Kenya) is payroll software enabling earned wage access in Africa

Capbase (Remote) is a digital back-end for your startup: Incorporation, cap table management, stock issuance, corporate governance, and compliance

CloudTrucks (SF) is a virtual trucking carrier that empowers independent truck drivers with revenue optimization and instant payments to help manage cash flow

Coast (NY) is re-imagining the U.S. B2B card payments infrastructure, with a focus on fleets

Creditbook (Pakistan) helps SMB's manage finances, track payments, and update receivables

Divibank (Brazil) provides revenue based financing capital to startups and SMEs in Brazil

Farmraise (USA) offers resources to farmers to help them make on-farm improvements + an integrated one-stop-shop for farm funding

Figure (SF) is a compensation platform for modern HR teams

Freightpay is intelligent and automated freight payments