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Inaugural Address (Replay) - Campus Head

Hybrid Workplace and the challenge of Information Security (Prof. G V Muralidhara)

Ikigai as a guide to one's career choices (Dr Harish)

Placement (Prof. J Venkataraman)

A Lesson on Quality (Prof. Raghavendra Rao)

Cyclonic Storms and their names (Prof. Anand S)

The Journey of a Maths Teacher (Prof. Ravichandran)

What is greenwashing? (Prof. Anand S)

Printing Money (Prof. Teresa Binny)

What are open market operations (OMO) of the RBI? (Prof. Anand S)

Insider Trading - Primer

Contract farming

In Excel

Anhedonia: Music - Prof. Leena Sidenur

The Power of Prayer - Prof. Padmini V

No Time to Die - Vocals by Rachana