Welcome to the Team Research Lab. The Team Research Lab is led by John Mills and is based out of the School of Sport, Rehabilitation and Exercise Sciences at the University of Essex. Within this handbook you will find details of how I like the group to work and what I expect from you as a lab member. Those who have recently joined the lab are required to read this handbook and those who wish to join are strongly encouraged to do so before applying. Once you have read the handbook, please visit the following form and sign to say you have read the handbook and agree to abide by the content listed. If you have any questions or comments before signing, please let me know.


We are primarily based in ESA 3.29 of the Sports Arena. Please note that this is a shared space with other postgraduate students. To aid the development of relationships within the group, I would like lab members to try to sit altogether where possible. I ask this as: (i) you will need each other at some point in your degree/academic life, (ii) mere exposure leads to preferences being formed (see Zajonc's work), and (iii) we should live up to our name.

Lab member expectations and responsibilities

Mission statement

We conduct methodologically rigorous research on topics related to being part of a team. We strive to create and communicate meaningful outcomes for the communities we serve and believe in openness and collaboration.


Big picture

-Do work that you are proud of.

-Do work that others will care about.

-Do work that does good.

-Double-check your work. Being a little obsessive is essential to good science.

-Be supportive of your lab mates. We are a team.

-Work independently when you can, ask for help when you need it.

-Share your knowledge. Mentorship can take many forms.

-Respect each others' strengths, weaknesses, differences, and beliefs.

-Science is a marathon, not a sprint. Take personal time/annual leave when you need it and cultivate a life outside of the lab. Respect that other lab members also have a life outside of lab.