Often called a "mnemonic phrase", "seed phrase" or "mnemonic seed" is a set of typically either 12 or 24 words, which can be used to derive an infinite number of accounts. These phrases are used by cryptocurrency wallets (such as Steakwallet), to be written down on a piece of paper by the user to safely back up the users' funds.

We call it "secret phase" as you should keep it secret. It's your wallet backup and recovery method, but if anyone else gets access to it, they too can backup or recover your wallet. So make sure to keep it a secret!

So again, upon creating your wallet make sure to write down your secret phrase and store it securely in a space not easily compromised (and perhaps offline).

Recover a wallet with your secret phrase

If you need to recover your wallet (for example your phone was lost) follow these steps to recover your Steakwallet.

  1. Download Steakwallet for iOS here or for Android here.
  2. When opening Steakwallet for the first time select the option "I already have a wallet".
  3. Now add the previously written down secret phrase words in the correct order.
  4. Click on "Next" and and you should be all set up!