So, you’re interviewing at Literati?

👋 Hello, welcome, and thank you for entering the interview process with us!

<aside> 💡 We put together this guide as a resource on what you can expect from the Engineering interview process at Literati and how to best prepare. We’ve aimed to cover anything on your mind, but if you have any questions, please ask! We’re here to help.


Process overview

We understand interviewing can be a stressful process: we’ve been there!

At Literati, our process is designed to be transparent, efficient, fair, and meaningful for all candidates. Interviewing is a two-way street and encourages curiosity not only in our daily work at Literati but also in our interview process. We want you to have the opportunity to evaluate us as well and have built-in steps to ensure you can.

The entire process includes these steps:

☕ Introductory Chat

👩‍💻 Hiring Manager Screen

🎯 Technical Interview & Live Coding Exercise

🤝 Cross-Functional Interview

🤩 Final Interview with CEO Jess Ewing

<aside> 📌 We use Google Meet video conferencing for all four steps, with the video always on. If you’re unfamiliar with Google Meet, you can check out the free platform here to get comfortable with screen sharing and other platform aspects before you start the process.


☕️ Introductory chat

30 mins with Recruiting