Trust and safety are major priorities for Beacons. We've created these standards to articulate what is and isn't allowed on our platform.

Please review these standards. All Beacons users must abide by these standards to continue using the Beacons platform.

If you come across any content on a Beacons page that violates these standards, please email with the following information:

Adult content

Helping website visitors make informed decisions is incredibly important to us at Beacons. We add informational labels to links that may not be appropriate for visitors of all ages. Specifically, if you're linking out to adult content on your page, you must turn on the sensitive content notice, ensure the content on your page itself are suitable for all ages, and make sure what you are linking to is legal in your region.

Hate speech

Diversity of thought is important to us at Beacons, but we do not permit content that discriminates against people, incites hate or violence, or inflicts harm.

Illegal goods and services

Beacons does not permit the exchange of illegal goods or services through the platform. These illegal goods and services include: