Entry Threshold

The first and foremost problem facing the end-user is the entry threshold, becoming a stumbling block for 50% or more of possible participants in DAOs.

The first solution that could eliminate the problem is the development of a simple and straightforward interface that would allow users to connect wallets as the basis of registration and authorization along with OAuth 2.0 authorization via social networks.

The second solution would be an intuitive tool for project proposals and voting that would make the approach simple, straightforward and as easy as answering a message on a mobile phone after a notification prompt.

The third solution would be the introduction of a single database of verified projects, which are proposed by both the community and the organizers DAOs.

By combining the usability experience of Web 2.0 with Web 3.0 technologies, the result would be the development of an understandable crowdfunding tool accessible to anyone. At the same time, the solution would be secure, reliable and capable of scaling for further development.

Low Yields

The second problem of the DAO market is that crowdfunding alone generates far less profit than a pool of similar participants, as they do not have the possibility of saving on commissions. Secondly, it is difficult for users to analyze large sets of data like news, analyses, leading experts’ opinions, etc. in a single stream. Thirdly, users do not receive “capital bonuses”, because they do not have enough capital.

Fourthly, the problem of choice stands acutely, as there are numerous platforms, but none of them offer any outstanding services or products.

The DAO.vc service eliminates these problems by being architecturally, visually, and technically designed to solve them. In particular, users will receive specific benefits for using the service.