New legislation

Trading cryptocurrencies is forbidden under Muslim law, Indonesian council rules

Russian lawmakers prep legislation and form working group to address growing bitcoin mining industry

Sweden to prohibit the establishment of crypto-mining production using energy-intensive methods

House passes $1T infrastructure bill with crypto tax for Biden's approval

Kazakhstan Senate approves legislation regulating crypto service providers

US senator submits resolution to allow crypto payments in Capitol Complex

Brazilian federal deputy proposes crypto payment option for workers

Regulators good-graces

Korea's FSC confirms that NFTs will not be regulated

Regulators' hot seat

OFAC Sanctions Two Ransomware Operators and a Virtual Currency Exchange Network

SEC halts token registrations of Wyoming-based DAO

Nigeria’s central bank reportedly freezes crypto traders’ accounts

Trends watcher

Swiss Central Bank Ready to Run With wCBDC in January

Digital Euro ‘Likely’ to Become Legal Tender, ECB’s Panetta Says

Basel Committee advances work on specifying cryptoassets prudential treatment

Zimbabwe may be the next country to embrace Bitcoin as legal tender