You know how the internet works by linking a bunch of related things together to provide infinite possibilities for learning and exploration? Well, you're reading this playbook on the internet so guess what? Using this playbook is a lot like using the internet.

For example, the programs described in Chapter Start Assembling make reference to the building blocks laid out in Chapter How to Assemble and link to the tools and templates stored in the Appendix.

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Of course, this can lead you down some 🐇 holes. So to help you make the most of your time with the playbook, here are a few suggestions for how to use it:

📖 Cover-to-Cover

If you've got the time and you're super serious about things, read the whole thing straight through from beginning to end. This is the best way to build your readiness to Assemble based on a solid foundation. Plus, after reading it through once, you'll be able return to just the parts you need later, while keeping the whole Assemble sensibility in mind.

Start Here

👋🏽 Get to know us first

We've got a lot to share. Maybe you need to get to know us first. Start with Chapter About Assemble for a quick tour of our world, our history, and our perspective, then move on to a few of our "greatest hits," like Saturday Crafternoons and Learning Parties.

About Assemble

Saturday Crafternoons

Learning Parties

🌈 See it to believe it

Theory is nice and all, but what does it actually mean to Assemble? What's it look and feel like? What are teachers and students doing together and what makes it special? See what we mean in Chapter Start Assembling, where you'll find detailed walkthroughs of 8 of our favorite programs, including tips for how to try them yourself.

Saturday Crafternoons


Off-Site Programs

Youth Maker Nights

Learning Parties


Gallery Shows

21+ Nights

The ❤️ of the matter

Chapter How to Assemble is the beating heart of this playbook. It includes 5 sections, each one focusing on one of Assemble's active ingredients. It's the longest chapter, accounting for about half the total playbook, but it's well worth your time to take this deep dive into the theory and practice undergirding Assemble.