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From a chance observation made by his sister, Miles Rueda, the central character of the novel, realizes that something he has seen as a child many years earlier in the village of Corby Falls was most likely a prelude to murder. Everything now points to the recently deceased Dr. Biranek, a former neighbour of the Ruedas, and a prominent township resident. Miles casually tells a group of dining friends about this long-ago crime. His story acquires legs. There are unexpected and trying consequences. A huge bequest left by Dr. Biranek to the township hospital is threatened, the largest employer in the region is about to close its doors, Miles is almost killed in a savage attack. He fears for his and his daughter’s safety. The cause and center of it all, Miles is at a loss. Slowly he reaches an ethical dead-end.

Miles personal life is knotty. He lives in Toronto and is recovering from a rather acrimonious divorce. After a chance encounter, he embarks in a patchy and fragile love affair. He has an ironic teenage daughter, whom he sees on weekends. She lives with his remarried ex-wife who plans to take her to Europe for several years.

Miles happens to work in the aerospace industry, and a secondary storyline in the novel is about the politics around the initial development phases of a mission to land a rover on Mars.

Although not a sequence, some characters from A Question of Return, appear or are mentioned in Corby Falls as well.

Robert Carr’s professional career as an engineer led him to work on the initial phases of the European Space Agency’s ExoMars Program. There is a minor reflection of that world in Corby Falls.

"Robert Carr has brilliantly created a compelling story filled with characters who are both flawed and complicated with an underlying tone of tension and unrest while raising issues of mortality and truth."

"... Robert Carr skillfully weaves a slow and steady web of intrigue surrounding a small town murder... Miles Rueda, the novel's protagonist, a frustrated engineer working in Canada's space industry, unwittingly unleashes a Corby Falls box worth of troubles when he casually mentions to friends one night at a restaurant that he might have witnessed the murder as a child. As he frantically manoeuvres to protect those he loves - all the while attempting to secure a contract to build a Mars rover - he finds himself slipping into an ethical abyss of his own making.

Part thriller, part insider intrigue, and part homage to the melancholy beauty of poetry and all that it inspires, Corby Falls is the story of life's entanglements and the consequences of dark secrets."


FICTION Pub Date. Apr. 21 2021 Available Mosac-Press.com or order from IPG(US)/ Gazelle Book Services(UK/EU) / Manda Group(Canada) 6 X 9 inches 300 pages Price: $24.95 CDN, $21.95 USD ISBN PB: 9781771615204 PDF: 9781771615211 ePUB: 9781771615228 MOBI: 9781771615235