Ah so I was trying to delete a user from the ConnectDome app as an admin.

But oh fuck, I get an error, an Integrity Error. I hate those.

Anyway, I look into the monitoring system to find out what exactly is causing the error and as it turns out, changes on the table including all the user data violates foreign key constraint on one of the rows on the “actstream_follow” table. Understandable. Nope, outrageous.

We don’t even use Activity Stream package anymore, we have our own solution for that now.

Anywho, thought I’d just drop the useless table from the db.



I looked into the Security Group inbound rules to see what the issue was. And, to say the least, the UI is sort of a mess at AWS but nothing that could deter me from this (un)productive quest.


As I’m messing around with the inbound rules, I end up messing one slightly enough to stop all DB connections at connectdome.com.

Since I was logged in on connectdome on my browser, the / path by default gave me a 504.

I thought, perhaps, I messed up the group connectdome lies in.

Did I? I looked at the eb deployment. That worked. So- it must be the group for the database.

What was the issue this time?

The source of my RDS db had rules that pointed to the default Security Group instead of- yes, you guessed it, my ConnectDome deployment security group.

I ended up fixing the initial problem of the server not accepting TCP/IP connections but goddamn just getting to this point took so much time just because the UI and I are clusterfucks.


Finally tho, dropped those tables.